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Buy Ramshot Silhouette online


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Buy Ramshot Silhouette online

Buy Ramshot Silhouette online is the choice for competitive shooters in IPSC, IDPA and USPSA. A double-base high performance spherical powder, it’s is an excellent choice for 9mm, 38 Super, 40 S&W and 45 ACP. It has a low flash signature, high velocity, and clean burning properties which also make it the perfect choice for indoor ranges and law enforcement applications. Made in USA.

A fine flattened spherical powder, but it looks like dirt or dust.   A lot can fit into a case.  More than you will ever need.  This makes this powder more dangerous if you make a reloading error.
One of the best metering powders out, highest potential velocity of “almost” anything out, good price, highly versatile from 65 grain to 147 grain bullets, low flash signature when shooting..  This is simply a super powder.  Its top tier and you might not be able to do better.
With this medium to slow burning powder, combined with its fine density, its hard to double charge cases because it would make the case near full in most applications.  One should notice that.
We think Ramshot has some of the best reloading data of any manufacturer in existance perhaps.  They have so many loads for standard and +P listed.  Ramshot is probably our favorite powder company, they are just doing most things well.  They could hire somebody to redo their marketing/art work on their bottles thoough.  “trigger your insticts” is on the bottle with a picture of target behind a gun?  Not exactly eye catching or making a statement.  With a powder this good, this awesome, you need to make a statement.
Folks, this powder is the powder ALL other 9MM powders are compared to and judged.  Also, we don’t know if this is a coincidence, but look at how many “newer” powders have come out similar to this?  CFE Pistol, Winchester 572 for example (similar in performance and load data is “near” it.  This powder along with W572 and CFE/WAC are in the sweet spot for 9MM.  They are just the right burn rate and just the right density to work across ALL 9MM applciations.  They also produce some of the highest velocities.  Showdown upcoming.  I don’t think CFE Pistol will compete with the accuracy of this, but W572 is closer.  WAC is included as well as some others in this burn rate area…

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