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With maximum velocities and tack-driving precision, it is perfectly matched for cartridges such as the 223 Remington/5.56mm, 308 Winchester/7.62mm NATO, and the 6mm PPC. Shooters will find it completely indifferent to temperature variations. Evidently, the powder of the competitor’s choice and the Varmint Hunter’s dream.


Buy IMR 8208 XBR® Online

Buy IMR 8208 XBR® Online. IMR 8208 XBR is a precision-metering, extremely short-grained extruded rifle powder specifically made for AR sniper, match, and varmint cartridges. XBR is a medium burn speed propellant that works well with cartridges like as the 6mm PPC, 308 Winchester/7.62mm NATO, and 223 Remington/5.56mm.

The IMR 8208 XBR delivers maximum velocities and “tack driving” accuracy for shooters. Evidently, the Varmint Hunter’s “dream powder” and the competitor’s “choice.”

Common features of IMR 8208 XBR

The IMR 8208 XBR® is one of the most versatile, high performance 8-bit microprocessor. Its feature include a rich instruction set, on-chip memory and I/O capabilities. The IMR 8208 XBR® is also Ideal for various applications. Including industrial Medical services and security systems.

IMR 8208 XBR® smokeless powder for sale online also features a robust instruction set that supports data processing, control flow and interrupts. The on-chip memory on the other hand provides plenty of space for codes and data storage. The I/O capabilities allow the IMR 8208 XBR® to interface with various external devices.

You should also note that the IMR 8208 XBR® smokeless powder is a reliable and cost effective solution for your microprocessor needs.

Where can I order IMR 8208 XBR® Smokeless powder online?

The best place to buy IMR 8208 XBR® online is at Universal gun sales. There is no better place to get your quality Smokeless powders online. We ensure a swift delivery to your address. If you have any questions regarding our process of purchase and delivery, do not hesitate  to contact our customer service. IMR 8208 XBR® is the real deal for those who are looking for maximum quality.

IMR 8208 XBR powder production has been going on for more than 200 years, when the company was first founded. It was established by E.I. DuPont. It is also Adaptable to a variety of reloading scenarios. Remington reloaders worldwide rely on the IMR line of powder. You can also Buy IMR Enduron®4166 online at Universal Gun Sales.

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