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Due to its identical characteristics, such as a similar burn rate, LT-30 smokestack propellant has shown to be an excellent replacement for the 4198 powder in cases of scarcity. This is the reason for its exceptional performance.

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Accurate LT-30 Overview

Buy Accurate LT-30 online. It is a Benchrest-grade light target powder. Accurate® LT-30 Smokeless Rifle Powder is designed specifically for use in.30 BR firearms. Accurate LT-30 was a winner during its development stage, used in numerous competitions and even setting a world record. LT-30 burns at a rate comparable to 4198. The LT-30, being a fine-grained single-base powder, performs exceptionally well in cartridges with smaller capacities, like the 6.5 Grendal and.222 Remington.

Characteristics of Accurate LT-30

  • Designed to work best in.30 BR.
  • Set a world record when it was being developed.
  • Burn rate is about 4198.
  • Ideal for cartridges with smaller capacities

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